Artist Spotlight


Jake Soul (UK based Vocalist / Inked model)

New Track - Pray For Me

Bio: Jake Soul : Singer / Songwriter 

Hastings East Sussex, England

Age: 27 

Music Background: Heavy Metal & Acoustic music. 

I've been in other screamo Bands since i was 16 years old. 

Suddenly this year, I decided to move over to Rap music. Now its game over!!!  

Click on my pic the see the music video of my new track.

My Latest Track: 

Jake Soul another New Artist coming to DJCroe Radio. His Music style comes from Alternative Rock and clicks it with a unique Hip Hop Style. This style is very unique and will change the music industry completely.  

There is something everyone struggles with.  I'm one of them. I decided to write down this track and this is what I came out with. I hope all of you will enjoy my new track. 

Click on the pic to see the video and listen to his song called: PRAY FOR ME  

Artist Spotlight


Chris Ammo (Pit Boy Recording Studio)

New Track: Money Dreams

My Name is Chris Ammo from Houston Texas. I'm the Newest Hip Hop Artist coming to 

DJCroe Radio.

This Track got me thinking about the Struggle and made me set it off and is one of my Newest tracks off my new mix tape which is about to release on December 12th 2018.  

Click on my Pic to Listen to my Newest Track called: MONEY DREAMS

Artist Spotlight


Frost G (Ice water Entertainment)

Frost G, Originally from Killeen Texas joined up with Sparkdawg and set the City of Killeen on fire during the Summer of 2013 with their Tracks "My Nigg@$, Rotation,  & Fu€k Nigg@$. Realizing he needed a bigger fan base to go National.  Frost G moved from Killeen Tx to Austin Tx in 2014 to chase his dream. 

In less  than 6 months, Fro$t G became one of the most talked about artists in  Austin, good & bad. He went from a complete nobody to running with the most elite artists in the city.  Artists such as Austin Martin,  Lil Sicc, King Solo, and so on. Check out Frost G and hear his music heard on 

Listen to his CD ABOMINABLE also check out his video with his smashing hit


Click on the his pic to see the Video and Listen to the song called: SHADOWS 

Artist Spotlight

Woven In Hiatus

Check out his new song called: Venus 

Hailing from Boston MA, Woven In Hiatus is an indie acoustic project  comprised of singer-songwriter Luke Nagel, bassist Nick Cassis,  guitarists Richard Pingree and Kaleb Thibeau.  Musically the band puts  together a wide array of influences to create a blend of indie,  acoustic, and ambient rock with an emphasis on storytelling and emotive  lyrics.  After coming together in the late fall of 2015, the band signed with the  Ohio based indie-rock record label InVogue Records.  Since the signing,  the band has released their first full length record "Anatomical  Heart", which debuted at #23 on Alternative New Artists Albums on  Billboard.   

Click on the pic to see the video. Song Called:  VENUS

Artist Spotlight


Will Clay EK SCXP3

Check out Will Clay EK SCXP3. He Is the first member of the DJCroe Radio family. 

Hailing from Barnstaple UK. Will Clay is a very talented young man who sings from the heart and gives a message to the younger audience to express what they feel. 

Click on the pic to see the hear his song Called:  LIVING IN THE STREETS